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Favori Saklı Hayatlar (2011)

Saklı Hayatlar (2011)
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1h 40min
1980’de Çorum katliamı sonucu İstanbul’a göç eden bir Alevi ailenin hikâyesinden yola çıkan film, sıradan insanların yaşadığı kimlik çatışmalarının yol açtığı gerçek bir trajediyi ele alıyor...

English; HIDDEN LIVES The deadly hostility of the Sunni, which one of the two largest sects of the religion Islam, against the Alewi sect, has a background of thousands of years in the history of Anatolia. Therefore, the Alewis mostly live hiding their identities in regions, where they do not comprise the majority. Year 1980 is a period when Anatolia witnessed new Alewi massacres. The most important one of these massacres was experienced in 1980 in the city Çorum. Our story is the tragedy of the family members who flee from this massacre and introduce themselves as Sunnis and settle as tenants in an apartment on a floor that is below the apartment of a Sunni family. The house where they moved is the metaphor of Turkey. In upstairs, Murat who has a hidden life from his family is living with his father Tevfik and his grandmother Emine.. Tevfik is a nationalist and conservative father and is not in a position of knowing the sympathy to the left political philosophy of his son who graduated ...